We just lov’d doing everything Creative and Fun.

We do things that matter. Take a look at what we love to do.


A comprehensive suite of business applications including Sales, Project management, Store management, Employee Management etc.,


Web Development

We bring rapid solutions to your business

Free Support & Updates

Minor updates & support doesn’t include any charges.

Trending Technology

We use current technology to keep you live in market.


We work & develop with SEO in mind.

Clean & Professional Design

We are way more into the professional style of building a result producing websites.

Mobile Application Development

Bringing smart solutions on your fingertip

Mobile Apps

We build customs apps and have showcased a few of our products.


Animation Videos

We have a team specialized in both 2D & 3D Animation

Toonix Media Works is an Unit of Foonix, the main component of Foonix’s Entertainment segment. The studio, best known for its multi-faceted film division including animation.

We are known for our best media works in the industry, making us standout from the crowd.


Design Works

We are obsessed with creating better brands. Well, not just brands!

Graphic Design

Over 100 graphics solutions have shaped our way of thinking and continue to cause creativity thirst. Build your brand with us.

Product Design

Committed to creating functional designs. We love the finer details of all designs on the planet.

Interior Design & Planning

We offer integrated design services comprising strategy, planning, urban design, architecture, landscape, and interior designs.

Digital Marketing

We’re specialized in Social media marketing, Search engine marketing, SEO services

Search Engine Optimization

We strategically improve your listing on the Search Engine.

Google Adwords

One of the most effective ways to reach new customers and grow your business.

Facebook Marketing

Marketing on Facebook can help you to efficiently reach the people who matter most.

Instagram Marketing

Instagram can also help you grow brand awareness and introduce products.

Customer Testimonials

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Nikola Brooten - Marketing Specialist

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Barclay Widerski - Sales Manager

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Coriss Ambady - Computer Engineer

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Connor Gibson - Interface Designer
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